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Kiddie Crew Orientation

Lol I almost forgot that the orientation for the kiddie crew is today, good thing that Mj reminded me last night while watching the drama series in TV.

We should have slept early last night but since she told me late already and now I am droopy. I set the alarm clock at 5:00 a.m. but I went back to sleep with Faith right after I prepared her another bottle of milk.

I thought to bring her though, but it is too early and she is still snoring as the moment, I might leave her with sister Irenie I hope if she will go out today, she would do it yet later this afternoon after the orientation.

Happy Saturday to some part of the world today! May you have a great weekend.

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Mommy Moments- Doctor Doctor Am I Sick?

mommy moments

The most traumatic and the scariest thing, that happen to me was when Mj diagnosed for Dengue Fever, she was five years old at that time yet when she had a high fever for three days already, as I thought I could only treat it with paracetamol I did not rushed her to the hospital until she already got severe headache, I was working at that night yet when my sister Irenie noticed she was already crying for pain.

She messaged me the next morning, while I was on my way home that we should see a doctor for Mj’s fever. I thought to wait for another day since the clinic is closed on Sundays. But when I saw Mj’s conditions while she was lying in bed, I immediately took a taxi cab and ran to the nearest hospital. It was then that I know, she had a dengue fever and she has to be confined right there and then, so she can be treated properly.

I was alone yet on that journey and that downfall moment was so hard to bear, I just had to be strong for my daughter, that even I didn’t get enough sleep I still watched after her during day time right after I log off from my work. I can’t yet file any leaves since I was on evaluation for regularization; I have to work hard at that time for me and Mj.

But God is good, He proven me everything that despite the hardship in life if we just have the faith that he will always make a way for us when we can’t find any possible solution, everything will just turn out fine. Mj overcome that tragic moment and we paid the hospital 1/4 of our total bill because of my Phil Health Insurance.

I don’t have pictures for Mj when she was admitted; I didn’t have the drives to do it as I was too depressed and scared.

But let me show you of Faith and Mj’s picture when they were a little bit sick, Faith had cough and Mj got her neck injured.

Now, it’s your turn to share! Join us at Mommy Moments every Friday.
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