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Starting Tomorrow

Since the workshop of Mj will start tomorrow, sure enough I will get very busy too. Their workshop starts as early as 9:00 a.m. so we have to hop in the cab around 7:45 a.m. so we won’t be late.

They got a lot of activities during the week, on Monday they will be exposed in store like greeting customers and or observe in how to make burger. On Tuesday they have Wushu workshop, on Wednesday would be arts and crafts, on Thursday will be the Dance workshop and lastly Friday the Taekwondo workshop. It is one week full of adventures and fun and I am certain that Mj will enjoy this project.

So my camera must set and ready for Mj’s big event. Watch out for that!

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All About Memory Cards

As personal electronic devices are becoming smaller and have more capabilities. Removable storage media is essential, not only to increase the amount of storage for devices such as cameras, camcorders and even mobile telephones.

Often when you purchase these items, removable memory is not provided. When I purchased my mobile telephone, it had an “SD Mini” slot and I had to buy the memory separately. When I bought my Camcorder, I had to buy the SD card separately and when the same goes for my digital photo frame. Well needless to say, not all devices use the same memory cards. There is one place that you can find what you need at reasonable prices. Whether you need, SD, SD-Mini, other types of flash memory cards at You can find the memory you need, even if you want to upgrade the memory in your computer. I did by increasing the memory in my laptop when I purchased additional memory for it.

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