Sleepless Night

I haven’t slept last night due to my whizzing cough, asthma been attacking me once again. And the worst was I ran out of medicines and even Kuya James who is certified asthmatic was out of stock too.

I was feeling helpless last night, it was too difficult to breathe at all and I feel like if I will sleep thoroughly my heart will just stop beating. I was sleeping in the couch at the living room so Faith will not be disturbed with my unstoppable cough and so I can go to the bathroom that fasts when I needed to.

I was not feeling well this morning at all but I have to wake up early so we will not be late in the workshop. And that I can go to my Doctor for check up thus I can get the right dosage of my medicines on the contrary when I get there, they are having convention and all internal medicines would go back on Wednesday yet. Hence, I just bought the one that Kuya James is taking; those can ease up my cough anyway.

After I settled with some appointments this morning, I fetched Mj up from the workshop and headed home. But as soon as we arrived home, she suddenly complained about her throat and said she had a little cough. I gave her medicines for cough and asked her to take some rest but when I checked her forehead this late afternoon, she got a little fever too! Grrr sometimes the virus will spread just easy as that, I hope she will get better by tomorrow otherwise she cannot finish the workshop on Friday.

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7 Responses to “Sleepless Night”

  1. inday_adin says:

    Oh no! Sorry about that mommy Anne B.. I hope she will be okay. Let us pray she will be fine and that you are too! 🙂

  2. ☆Willa☆ says:

    get well soon sis!

  3. momgen says:

    I hope you feel ok…TC

  4. Mom of Four says:

    Totoo ka dyan, once na may nagkasakit na isa sa bahay, lahat kau magkaksakit na rin. I am having cough and fever right now, and my whole body is in pain. Hirap talaga kapag may di nraramdamang maganda, hay! After ni Alex, ako naman ang nagkasakit..

  5. anne says:

    Hi Mommy A back to blogging here again ! Hehehe

  6. anne says:

    Hhi mom gen karon ra jud tawon ko na ok ok oi wahhh

  7. anne says:

    Hi Mom of Four you are exactly right lahat yata kami suffers from the same illness wahhh

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