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A Nice Surprise For Mothers Day

The Mother’s day gift from Terry arrived yesterday through Fed Ex, I was so excited to open it and so curious how small the laptop is, yes it was a laptop that he was trying to surprise me. A netbook that I had been dreaming to have, it is so cute and so convenient to bring anywhere.
I immediately bought a router today in Digital Interface and since I am a frequent customer and a previous employee from the company too. They gave me at least 200 pesos off so from the original price of P2, 700.oo, they offered the router to me for P2, 500.00 only.

I planned to wait for Kuya James to install the router but I gave it a try a while ago, I had a hard time configuring how to install it at first, but later on I realize I only need to wait for three minutes to run the modem and to log my Smart Bro account number.

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I Need A Best Diet Pill

It has been how many weeks now that I was not able t go to the gym, simply because my sister Merlyn is not home yet from Cebu. I messaged them last week and she said that she would be home by this week. Well, obviously she is not here yet because she didn’t come by.

I thought not to tack any diet pills at all because it seems like it won’t work for me anymore but this time I may need to browse the best diet pill in the Internet because I might cannot go to the gym for a month now.

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