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Mommy Moments – Grandparents Bonding

mommy moments

This Mommy Moments Theme reminds me of my Dad and Mom who passed away when I was nine years old. My Mom died when I was five years old and Dad followed when I was nine years old. It is sad to say that they were not here with me through all these years, to share my success and to comfort me when I failed. Obviously I miss them so much!

Anyway, the picture that I would like to share after is the picture of my Mom’s sister, they are four actually but three of them already went to heaven. Hopefully if we decided to migrate in the place of Terry and we’ll be seeing his Dad. I will surely be taking a lot of pictures with him and the kids.

This was the first time
she saw my little Faith

During the celebration of their Fiesta

Should you have anything to share, just come and join Mommy Moments! Grandparents bonding.

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