I Might Go To The Doctor Again

I might go to the Doctor again next week, I know I already went to the Doctor for my cough, in fact it was already gone when she gave me that medicine but lately my cough went back again. I have a hard time breathing again whenever my asthma attacks good thing that the rotahaler really works.

But I don’t like to be dependent on it; I hope she could prescribe me a medicine that would stop my asthma forever. Although, I suspected that it is because of the hot summer days and that every time I go out, the temperature is really giving me a total headache. Just like yesterday right after I sent Mj to her workshop when I went out in the mall to look for a wifi spot, I suddenly had a headache and it went on before I slept last night.

On the lighter side, the friend of Kuya James invited us for a beach party tomorrow and since they said that the air from the beach would help to stop our cough somehow, we accepted the invitation. I am crossing my fingers that the beach will help me get rid of this cough.

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2 Responses to “I Might Go To The Doctor Again”

  1. ROSILIE says:

    luoya nimu anne oi. mag sige pud lagi akuang allergy. lagot gyud ning may royal blood.hahahahah! be well soon.

  2. Girl Girl says:

    Sorry to hear that you have been unwell..I was suffering similar sympthoms like you except that I am NOT asmathic. Was prescribed with augmentin, various types of mulcosolvent and cough mixture. Cough and running nose prolong till almost 2 months until I gave up…resorted to natural remedy and finally all is well again after consuming manuka honey for 5 days(2tsp@ 3 times daily. Not sure if it really works or its pure coincidence. Anyway no harm trying…

    Hope you get well soon.


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