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Busy Day But Happy

Sister Merlyn and her kids arrived just this morning, I thought they would decide to reside in Cebu for good but I am so thankful that they are not. Her kids would still study here and that means I have my sister to help me look after Faith when I’m gone out in the mall.

I supposed to go to the doctor today but it was late already and if I insist on going I might not catch the doctor to her clinic. I went to the mall instead to grocery shop and to get the left bag we purchased yesterday. When I was inside the mall I thought to call Clarinda since it has been a while that we have not seen each other, so I went upstairs to buy me credits for my phone. I was about to take the escalator when someone called my name, it was Clarinda. Lol! Did I just think of her a while back and now I saw her right there and then? What a coincidence, isn’t it?

I am so busy today but I’m glad that I saw Clarinda there in the mall; at least I have someone to talk to while I grocery shop. I miss this girl and we talked a lot of stuff until we went home.

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