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She Finally Wore Her Uniform

Yesterday when I was about to go out to finalize the list of my entourage to give out where we will get our gown, I went to Mj’s school to make a follow up of her school uniform. Good thing that my to go there was not wasted because the in charge gave me, well it is supposed to be four but since the other three was not done yet, so the only thing she could give me is one uniform and two neck ties.
I went immediately to Mj’s classroom to give it to her so she could bring that to our house, I had to go to cashier counter so to buy her jogging pants, but too bad the in charge was not there yet and it was almost 4:00 p.m. thus, I just went away and go to the bank and grocery store to purchase my youngest daughter’s milk.

This morning, Mj woke up so early and excitedly wore her new uniform to her new school

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My Green Thumb

Do you have a green thumb and like gardening or raising decorative plants? I do, but I always seem to have mixed success. I have tried several types of decorative plants some with success and some without.

After doing some research I have found that hosta plants suit the climate and soil conditions in my area. They like mid PH soils that are organic well drained. They grow well in shaded areas and are a good fit for the area around my house since I am shaded on three sides by trees.

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Thank You For Calling…

Thank you for calling, this is Faith your kulit baby on the phone how may I help you?

Just showing you the latest picture of my little monster baby Faith, she can climb now in our dine table chair that is place in the computer in our kitchen. She can properly sat down there but we still don’t entrust her to do that because she could fall down anytime especially she would stand up and jump in the chair.

One morning, when I was too busy attaining Mj for school, I found my little love bug sat down near the computer and wore the head set. She was as if she knows how to use that and she keeps on talking as if there was a person in the other line. I grabbed my Digi Cam right away and took her a picture while enjoying her being a call center agent.

Thank you for calling, hello? hello? you can’t hear me?

Hey! Don’t shout at me on the phone!
It is not my fault if you over charged!
Huh? Irate Faith

Alright, we can talk this matter in a nice low toned voice

Thank God the issue is settled
I can have my breakfast now, hehehe

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It Is Nice To Stay In A House You Call A Home

Ever since when I was in High school I really love to see houses on how they built, their landscapes, the gazebos style and the designs of their gates. My Father owns a house when he was still alive and the area was just too big, when he decided to retire from work, he asked my eldest sister to get a house here but sister refuses and said we will just rent a unit in our relative’s apartment, as to avoid arguments, my Dad just go with that idea without knowing that sooner or later we would need a house of our own. He dies after a year when we moved in to our relative’s apartment and after that since my sister and my relatives have some issues, we decided to rent another house. And that’s what pushes me on to get a house in the future and have that style that was in my mind when I was in High school.

Now, I have my own place, this is what I get from working hard as a call center agent before and Terry is the one who is paying the monthly payment. Although the space is not that big as what my Father had before, I could still say that it is really so nice to stay in a house you call a home. If we decide to move in to Terry’s house where we could put well design gazebos in his spacious loan for the family, I am sure that would be a lot of fun.

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