Enormous Sadness

It has been around the news of what happen to Air France flight 447 and it is sad that no one was able to survive with the said crash. When I had my first ride in a plane, I was so worried of things that would happen in the plane. I came to realize then that when it is our time, it is really our time. No one would able to stop that, we just have to pray of the people who are left behind in this world. Though prayer indeed would save us from any harmful things that would come our way, it is only GOD who knows what will happen in the future and whatever it is, we just have to be ready for it.

My condolences to the relatives who are grieving for their love one’s sudden death, I am pretty sure that this is the biggest storm that they are facing through and wishes that these people did not catch the flight. Just like the four travelers who were able to miss the schedule, one couple who arrived late and even used a diplomat to let them in the flight, fortunately the plane was already full and the seats were all occupied. The other one arrived there, too early so they booked the early flight instead and cancel the latter one. And a choreographer who had his reservation mixed up and tried to catch the 4 p.m. flight, if it was not resolved that instant he would be force to take the next flight which is the Air France flight 447.

You may read the full story here, I found the link through Fil Am Journey when I read her post a while ago.

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2 Responses to “Enormous Sadness”

  1. texas_sweetie says:

    waaaa hala no? thinking that those who missed the flight are still alive. time na jud tos mga naapil sa crash.. louy oi kay wa jud ka bawt baya ug tua kas kawanangan labi pa taas kau ang byahi. padulong ko lupad from here to Pinas dko ka likay d mag thinking ug bad pero try lang ko ug kalma oi kay gusto pako magpakaha buhi tan aw kos ako apo ugma damlag.

  2. momgen says:

    We did not know really our time when it will end sigh…Kalooy pod no….

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