Planning To Take Masteral Course

I am beginning to be bored here at home, I feel like I am stuck. I know I should read any books for me to at least broaden my mind into some other things and I am planning to read one book later that I had been neglecting for few months already.

On the lighter note, I am planning to take Masteral course I just have to inquire how much would be the enrollment, Terry suggested I could take it when we are already there but since my schoolmate who just lives nearby said that I will get a 50% discount off from my enrollment fee if I will take it to my Alma Mater school. I might go there one of these days to clarify things because if that is so, that would be awesome and we will save a lot of money then.

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  1. Joops says:

    If i were you, i'll just take some course related to medial when u are in the states, its more in demand…

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