If We Will Pass

Terry and I had been planning to apply for visa right after the wedding; I hope we won’t have any problem with the medical and interview when the time comes, although to settle here for good is alright to both of us, what matters most is that we are together with the kids.

On the other hand, if we will pass, my GOD there are many things I have to pack up especially kids clothes and stuff, though Terry suggested to leave that all behind, but some of the things here are so valuable for the kids and I have things, that is so sentimental for me. I really have to look and inquire for a moving boxes so I could organize all the stuff. So it will not be damage when it will arrive at its destination. I hope I could get a company here in our place that is affordable and won’t charge us that much. Since global recession is still kicking in and we have to save money for any other expenses like the enrollment and school fee of Mj.

As of now, I have to concentrate of summarizing the expenses of our upcoming wedding, so we could pay that one slowly.

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