It Would Be Our First Reunion

After like how many years of not seeing each other, hopefully my best friend and I with our friend in college will going to meet next Saturday. I am sure this would be a blast since this will be our first reunion.

I am going to take Mj so she would see how she had grown so fast, I could still remember that she took me and Mj to our house to celebrate Mj’s four months old together. We spent at their house for over a week that my sister Irenei kept on sending us a message when we could be home. More often than not, I usually go at their house in whatever occasion or just a simple visit. But since we were too busy at each other’s lives, her with her family and me as well, we could not find some time to see each other unlike before that even I am from south and she is from north, we can still meet up and have some chit chats.

I do miss my best friend, I miss our segway when we had serious talks, and I miss our laughter’s and cheers. I am sure she misses those things too.

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