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It Flooded Again

I feel so sorry for my friend who recently experienced flooding again in their area. I have been telling her to look into my friends fence that doesn’t get flooding ever since they had that fence built. They told me it is plastered with Sahara that keeps water from getting into the fence.

Clarinda has already started building their concrete fence but too bad, Flood struck again so it had kept her busy for 2 days. I cant imagine having to deal with floods twice every year and getting so much worried it its raining consiquently. I just hope they would be able to build their fence so they don’t have to worry about flood.

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Goodbye Old Bed

I have been wanting to get rid of my bed as its a bit worn out already. I’ve been wanting to have a sleep number bed. My friend has it and its so comfortable. Her husband bought it so they can have an extra bed for visitors who would like to sleep for the night. So I get to try it myself and it so relaxing and very comfortable.

She gave me the site where to buy it I know what sleep number bed I want for the family. We need to have a king size bed since My kids likes to just move around the bed. It will definitely fit us all without having to compromise good sleep.

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Faith’s Ranting

As you noticed that Faith’s and Mj’s blog is way behind now, I was not able to update it because I’d been too busy here with Mj’s school. I keep tracking her of her lessons and notes every night, from Monday to Thursday the TV is off and they are not allowed to watch the program in the TV. Mj is already in grade 3, this is the time that I really have to train her to open her notes every day so when the time comes that I could no longer assists her especially when I can’t understand her lesson at all, at least she would know enough to handle those things perfectly.Terry noticed that too, that their blog had been update less for almost two weeks now. So Terry was able to come up with an idea and he wrote this rant of Faith. It is supposed to be posted at Faith’s blog but then again, I am so sleepy already and need to rest.

Mom has been busy and has not been able to work on my blog. I am just a toddler and though I like typing on the computer, my words do not have a meaning so I asked dad to write my blog. What have I been up too lately? Well I had a cough and I went to the pedia guy. I hate going there he always wants to stab me with a needle and make me cry.I like riding in taxi’s and I even go to ride in the Jeepney but mom thinks it’s not safe for me to ride in one of those. Sometimes those drivers are crazy but I am a baby and it is fun for me. Not in my home it is morning and mom and dad are chatting. I tried to stick my hand out of the window but it is too high for me. Mom says I am pasaway, dad says I am just exploring my world and a curious baby. I don’t think I am kulit, I think I am like Dora and want to explore.

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To Treat That Most Deadly Disease

Mesothelioma is one of the hardest types of cancer to treat and it can be devastating to the patient and family. This deadly disease has been linked directly to asbestos which was used in fireproofing in buildings and ships as well as car and truck brake liners.

Previously standard Mesothelioma treatment for patients were not very effective, but as more is learned about this disease, the median life expectancy has increased in patients treated with Alimta or with an affective multimodal protocol. The future for mesothelioma suffers is a little brighter because of this. A patient must undergo a complete work up to determine what their doctor can do to help them. To learn more about the treatments just visit the site.

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