It Flooded Again

I feel so sorry for my friend who recently experienced flooding again in their area. I have been telling her to look into my friends fence that doesn’t get flooding ever since they had that fence built. They told me it is plastered with Sahara that keeps water from getting into the fence.

Clarinda has already started building their concrete fence but too bad, Flood struck again so it had kept her busy for 2 days. I cant imagine having to deal with floods twice every year and getting so much worried it its raining consiquently. I just hope they would be able to build their fence so they don’t have to worry about flood.

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2 Responses to “It Flooded Again”

  1. MAC says:

    My heart and prayers go out to your friends.

  2. momgen says:

    Sorry to hear it kalooy sad nila no? Anyway Anne got you a tag thanks. TC

    Its here the tag

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