It Is Nice To Stay In A House You Call A Home

Ever since when I was in High school I really love to see houses on how they built, their landscapes, the gazebos style and the designs of their gates. My Father owns a house when he was still alive and the area was just too big, when he decided to retire from work, he asked my eldest sister to get a house here but sister refuses and said we will just rent a unit in our relative’s apartment, as to avoid arguments, my Dad just go with that idea without knowing that sooner or later we would need a house of our own. He dies after a year when we moved in to our relative’s apartment and after that since my sister and my relatives have some issues, we decided to rent another house. And that’s what pushes me on to get a house in the future and have that style that was in my mind when I was in High school.

Now, I have my own place, this is what I get from working hard as a call center agent before and Terry is the one who is paying the monthly payment. Although the space is not that big as what my Father had before, I could still say that it is really so nice to stay in a house you call a home. If we decide to move in to Terry’s house where we could put well design gazebos in his spacious loan for the family, I am sure that would be a lot of fun.

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