Shes Bugging Me

My eldest daughter is a new student to that school she is going everyday now, therefore she doesn’t have school uniform yet. We bought her school uniform on the last week of May, the in charge of uniforms and stuff in their school said that we could have it on June 22nd of this month. But until now she still doesn’t have it and she is bugging me about it.

Well, I hope I could demand the in charge to finish the uniform that fast, I understand their situation though as there are a lot of new students in the school for this year. But it is almost one month already that the school uniform is in stock at to wherever they have it done, I hope they will give it today as my eldest daughter is bugging me that her teacher is asking all the pupils in the classroom to wear their complete uniform today. Mariel went to the same school when she was in Grade III and Mj asked me if she could wear it, now how she can wear those while it was too small and it was too short and that would look more awkward to her. Anyway, I will be in her school today to follow up of her pending school uniform, I am crossing my finger that we could receive it now.

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