Thank You For Calling…

Thank you for calling, this is Faith your kulit baby on the phone how may I help you?

Just showing you the latest picture of my little monster baby Faith, she can climb now in our dine table chair that is place in the computer in our kitchen. She can properly sat down there but we still don’t entrust her to do that because she could fall down anytime especially she would stand up and jump in the chair.

One morning, when I was too busy attaining Mj for school, I found my little love bug sat down near the computer and wore the head set. She was as if she knows how to use that and she keeps on talking as if there was a person in the other line. I grabbed my Digi Cam right away and took her a picture while enjoying her being a call center agent.

Thank you for calling, hello? hello? you can’t hear me?

Hey! Don’t shout at me on the phone!
It is not my fault if you over charged!
Huh? Irate Faith

Alright, we can talk this matter in a nice low toned voice

Thank God the issue is settled
I can have my breakfast now, hehehe

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  1. MOD H. says:

    Pila na kabulan imong anak anne?


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