She Finally Wore Her Uniform

Yesterday when I was about to go out to finalize the list of my entourage to give out where we will get our gown, I went to Mj’s school to make a follow up of her school uniform. Good thing that my to go there was not wasted because the in charge gave me, well it is supposed to be four but since the other three was not done yet, so the only thing she could give me is one uniform and two neck ties.
I went immediately to Mj’s classroom to give it to her so she could bring that to our house, I had to go to cashier counter so to buy her jogging pants, but too bad the in charge was not there yet and it was almost 4:00 p.m. thus, I just went away and go to the bank and grocery store to purchase my youngest daughter’s milk.

This morning, Mj woke up so early and excitedly wore her new uniform to her new school

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  1. merce78 says:

    Hi anne!asa nag-eskwela imong anak?

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