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On Our Way To My Friend’s House

Mariel didn’t want to come with us at my friend’s house because she doesn’t like the idea of riding a bus going there, she was sure that she would feel dizzy and she would probably throw up, so we decided for her to just follow us when we get back to downtown.
On our way there, my other friend Tim2x sent me a message that she will just go with us going Janeth’s house, we will no longer fetch them in her house, I was confused all so sudden because the way going there is not familiar to me at all, she said she will just wait for me beside the highway and we will just tell the driver of the bus to stop for her. I was really not sure which mark she would wait so for me to ensure the sketch she told me, I just hired a taxi cab to go to Janeth’s house and so I could have a better view of Tim2x and her daughter on the street.

So while the taxi is in motion I took the chance to capture the moment with my eldest daughter Mj.

Me and Mj in the taxi

Tim2x and Faith her daughter join in with Ate Mj

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She Promised Herself

We went to search for my giveaways design on Friday with my friend Cheryl. We came up with something that is useful but we still have to see if that would look good, we also went to look what would be my invitation card looks like and bought some materials for it, we will make a variety of design, and we will choose what design would I prefer to.

Right after we search things for my wedding, we also went to appliances department. My friend Cheryl made a promise to herself that she would buy something, she and her family could enjoy for and something that is necessary for their house, she prefers to buy an audio racks for their TV on the next payday, in which I agree with her. It is better to spend your money for investment to your house; at least you could see your effort in working so hard, than to spend it to useless hobby. I was also looking for a corner cabinet for my miniatures and picture frames and I am planning to buy it really soon.

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