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Low Bat!

It was raining so hard last night here in our place; I could hear the thunder so loud from the living room. The kids were sleeping already but somehow I believe that Faith would wake up soon because of the rain and the thunder. I was not wrong, after the consecutive number of thunder; I could hear her whining and cry in the bedroom.

As I thought I could still make her fall asleep that fast, I set aside the laptop and have Terry wait for me online, it was like how many hours that Faith was restless and I was not able to go back. She keeps on bugging her sister Mj that after a while she woke up too, Faith keeps on kissing her on her cheek and wanted her to carry her while singing the lullaby song. Good thing Mj understands and got up carrying Faith and swinging her in her arms afterwards, I watched them in a while and ask Faith to let Ate Mj sleep because she had to go to school by tomorrow. She doesn’t want to let go at first but I grab her so she doesn’t have any choice.

Faith was restless, she cannot sleep with the roar of the thunder, she made me awake for so many hours. The reason why I am so exhausted and tired today, so sleepy but I have to move and get on my feet because I have to bring Mj her lunch. She left her pack lunch this morning because the carpool already arrived and the rice was not cooked yet.

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Sister Needs To Get Fit

Unfortunately, like me my sister is also having problem with her diet and now that she is going to be my Matron of Honor she is doing her best to get slimmer, she even asked me what pills to take. I advised her to search for a website that does review for diet pills, she chanced up to open the a nuphedra review new slimming pill that contains patented ingredients. She is thinking to buy one for her if the gym work out won’t do her any good.

If you are looking a pill that works on you, you must search its background if it had a good review so that you will know what things to expect from the said product. If you don’t want to waste your money for a product that is not effective, take precautions and know the product online.

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My Two College Friends

Several years ago, during my first year step in college, my first class period I met two friends along the hallway, they were waiting for the last class to finish so they could get inside the classroom. While waiting as it was also my first period, I came to join in their conversation and asked their name was, eventually we became friends and had settled to sit beside each one in the middle row.

After a year, other two friends were introduced; from then on we had been hardly separated until we graduated in college. The group was stable and bounded, though it has been so many years that past, our memories still there and we intend to keep until the end of time.

After so many years, finally I set for us to reunite again

Me and My Two friends in college at Bigbys

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