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I Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night

Faith has been very extra active this day, she didn’t even went to take a nap this afternoon though I tried so hard to let her fell asleep unfortunately she stayed wide awake. So I expect her to sleep right away and will be out to her dream land throughout the night and yes I was right she did sleep so early, I was also out since I’d been taking good care of her the whole day, watching closely after her being so super hyper active so she will not have accidents, not to mention that she had a little accident this morning because of her being so outrageous active behavior.

When the clocks started to strike at 12:00 a.m. she began to mimic and keep on scratching her back or neck, I tapped her butt expecting her to sleep, she would close her eyes a little while and will whine afterwards, so I got up to change her clothes and diaper as I thought that would were the causes why she can’t sleep but I already change her and all that but never she went back to sleep. And now while I am awake she is beside me, trying to bug her two Ate who is sleeping right at this moment, I already turn the aircon on but still she keep her eyes open. Urgh!

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