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I Already Finished It

Yes I finally read and finished the book New Moon, but the story was so hanging that you really need to go and read the Eclipse, well Mariel bought one for it so I won’t have a problem with that only my time could tell when I could read that.

I feel for Jake though, he hopes a lot that Bella and him would end up together, but oh well life really sucks sometimes, it will not just go with the way we want it to, and it always passes us by. I am not that in love with the story though, it does not have enough thrilling and suspense unlike the Twilight, except when they went toVolturi to save Edward from committing suicide, there was a lot of vampires surrounded Bella, although Edward was around to protect always her from them but to think that they were a lot and they were only three (Edward, Bella and Alice) who will not doubts that they could still get out from that most dangerous bizarre , they can just get out with one promise and that is to make Bella a vampire although not at that time yet but in the future because they don’t want somebody as mortal as Bella to know that they exist.

Although Bella like the idea a lot but Edward protested, he still want Bella to stay human, thinking it will be hard for her to fight the temptation of a blood and could not resist it after all, they just need to be sure that they could block the tracker so they could not find Bella in forks and for them not to know that they did not keep their promise.

I wonder what the big screen store for the audience; I am sure they will change some scenes in the book and let the James Girlfriend meets with Bella, to become more thrilling and suspense.

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