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Forgive Me Oh God

I know I’ve done something wrong again today and it really pisses me off, I am doing my best to hold my temper Oh Lord. But sometimes I just can’t I just let it flow until I hurt the person I love and cared so much.

I am bleeding in pain and how I wish I can act real fast to heal the wound I just created. But how could I heal the wound when the damaged has been done? When the words were already too much, and the emotion is overpowering that I can’t bear at all, I am becoming baseless and naive. I hope to see things carefully, I hope to know what’s the best thing to do just to make it right, and be calm when everything did not turn out right, I hope not to freak out when this person can’t meet my expectations, I am doing the best I can to understand why it has to be that way while I am trying to spoon feed of the things that I know.

I hope this person would forgive me somehow, I hope this person realizes that what I’ve done and why I am reacting that much is because I want her to do good and more. Even though I am already becoming pointless of my reactions but I am just a person who loves that person so much so she could get through her dreams in life.

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One Of The Greatest Destination In The United States

Have you ever seen the beauties of coastal Carolina or the Outer Banks? If not, you are missing one of the greatest vacation destinations in the United States. The outer banks offer much more than just golf and tennis, there is swimming and fishing and many more activities.Accommodations on the outer banks are affordable. So if you are planning on a vacation in the near future give the Carolina outer banks a try, you will be very happy you did.

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Mommy Moments: Pouting Face

mommy moments

Pouting Face – Mj love’s to pout while taking pictures for herself, she is not too obvious that she love to pose in front of the camera just like her Ate Mariel.

Trying her best to pout lol

The model of those pouts

Anyway, here the real pout of my little Faith whenever we teased her of something and we would show those faces so she would cry. This is what she looks like.

Oopps, she will start to cry now

There she is

The video below was when she was yet two months old and I asked her Ate Mariel to watch after her in our bed while I was busy doing laundry. Suddenly I heard my little monster cry from the bedroom, I hurriedly went inside to check what happen. You know why she cried? It is because Mariel was teasing her to cry and video taped her, she did not stop and went more, Terry came up with the idea that Mariel is a no pasalubong girl when he would come to visit, until now he keep on teasing that to Mariel, even Mariel already tried so hard to make Faith laugh and video tape her with her smiles and giggles. Anyway, that was only a joke whenever Terry is here, he never forget Mariel to buy her own stuff too as a gift.

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The Right Cattle Supplies

I have not seen many cows here in Davao. But my friend Anne in Texas lives right in the middle of Cattle Country. Ranchers need to take good care of their cattle to make sure they are safe for the consumer. No matter what is needed, having the right cattle supplies can insure your cattle are kept free of parasites and in good overall health otherwise you would lose some money if you won’t give them proper products for their health.

So to ensure their health and progress, seek for a product that is effective and has a brand name quality, don’t pick for any store to buy those supplies instead choose a store that is worthy enough for your money and time.

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