I Was In Panic

I went to Mj school at lunch on Friday, the teacher approached me immediately and said that the periodical exam would be postponed because the kids had been sick and they are expecting that when the class resume, all kids could attend the class at all, at least 100 percent of it. She didn’t though tell me that the school has a case of H1n1. I went to where Mj is seated and watch her while she writes, she said she did not take lunch yet because she has to finish the reminders from the board. Right after she took her lunch, she asked for a soft drink, in which I bought her one and a lollipop, she went to the classroom right away.

When I went home, our neighbor freaked out while calling me, she said that there’s H1N1 case at school and that she will going to pull out her kid there at that very moment. I explained all the things that the teacher told me but she is so adamant and did not believe me at all, so they went and took her kids out in the classroom. I began to get panicked too and was not at ease until I decided to go back at school at 3:00 p.m. When I went there I saw my other neighbor and told me that there is nothing to worry about, the school just wanted precautions so they will suspend the class. We were talking at that and suddenly I saw Mj outside the classroom, I approached her immediately and asked her why was she outside the classroom, she answered she was send to the clinic because her fever got back and just went out to look at her classroom if they already started the classes.

I was then get worried and was already panicked, good thing that my friend, a neighbor as well helps me and said she would take good care of the things of Mj and offered her umbrella since it was raining already. She advised me to go the clinic so I would know what really happens, why her fever got back. When we arrives, the clinic was so crowded and we have to wait until the number 21 before they could serve us. We waited for hours, when the doctor finally checked her, he found out that Mj has a tonsillitis. I was relieved, it is only a tonsillitis, it was triggered because I let her drank a bottle of cola and bought her a lollipop, which is so sweet and was not allowed for her.

Thank God it is nothing at all!

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2 Responses to “I Was In Panic”

  1. Phebie says:

    oh my! we also have cases already here in CDO and classes were suspended for 10 days..tsk..tsk..tsk…

    btw anne, here's my paypal add: jayluv_22@yahoo.com

    Thanks much in advance…God Bless!

  2. anne says:

    Hi Phebie I already sent it to your address thanks

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