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If Someone Needs Help

Drugs are a big problem in today’s society. You may know of some one who is addicted or suspect somebody of having a drub problem. If you know somebody who is using or addicted to drugs, encourage them to seek drug rehab. There are many options to choose from when seeking information on drug treatment facilities.

One place to find a treatment facility is at the governments Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator at: find if you know somebody who needs help. Encourage them to get the help you need.

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Review Time Again

Since their exam was postponed due to the kids getting sick at school, here we are again reviewing her lessons. Good thing that I just have to print the quizzes that I gave her last week, it store in the computer so I don’t have to redo it again. So this moment it would be just a review from the previous review.

I am making a time table into which have to review first, their exam would be on Wednesday so I am organizing what to tackle first. She is doing well in Math and somehow in English especially in Filipino. She is still not good in Civics I bet she despises history but that is not a valid reason to just neglect the subject as that, she needs to be good in everything. How I wish I could prolong my patience now. God help me!

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Fit For Your Lifestyle

When you are too busy to sit down in front of your computer and doing your task online, then PDAs could fit to your lifestyle. This hand held computer could do you anything as you could received emails and use the Internet connection at anywhere and anytime. And if you have pending assignments from your office, well you could draft your paper works in the word processor that this mini computer has, you don’t have to wait to arrive at home and do it in the wee hours. These high tech gadgets could do you everything you want in a cyber world.

So don’t rush things while you can do your task anytime and can chat with your friends anywhere. Isn’t it too great when you can just relax and listen to music while you are working? How I wish I could have this gadget in the future!

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I Burst Out Laughing

I don’t know what happen to the photographer of my dear friend Clarinda during her wedding that she took a lot of photos of me laughing so hard. I was just teasing Clarinda at this time, when she wears her wedding gown and made a glamorous pose for us. I didn’t notice that when I was laughing, the photographer took a snap shot of me.

Lesson learned, if ever you would attend a wedding you should be cautious and watch out for the photographer so you could pose right away when he direct his camera on you! Lol

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