Baby Let’s Cruise

Baby let’s cruise
Away from here
Don’t be confused
The way is clear
And if you want it you got it forever
This is not a one night stand, baby
So let the music take your mind
Just release and you will find

Are you familiar with the lyrics above? I am sure you do, this is one of my favorite song before and right here, right now since it was raining so hard, and the water pour down again from our roof through our floor and a while ago, we tried so hard to block the water to scatter around. We need more rags to absorb the water in the floor, our roof does not have a hole but I don’t know how the water runs freely through the gutter and went inside our kitchen. When this unavoidable circumstances would happen, how I wish to just get a ride in a Caribbean cruise and forget this nasty incidents every time it rains.

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  1. nuts says:

    i like this song too, i actually have a post with this video and lyrics…

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