Where Was I?

Alright, I’d been very busy a couple of days ago because Cheryl and I have to go to look for a company that sells special paper for wedding invitations but when we went to the location, we were not able to find the company, we ended up eating our lunch in the nearest restaurant. I tried to contact my sister as her business is to make wedding invitations but even her, doesn’t know where is the new location of the Star Paper company here in our place.

We were so tired and so sleepy, and since we are already hopeless of finding that supplier, we went to the Jona’s Crafty store so we could buy more beads for the holder of my wedding invitation. Cheryl is the one who made the holder, the owner of the store was very impressed of her creations although we need to improve that one more, more beads maybe and more glitters on the screen.

Terry knew that I am already worried with the invitations, so he sent me a link for more ideas of a rolling type wedding invitation. It was classic but I guess it is expensive. I might just copy the box, good thing that Kuya James was able to pull out an idea for the box that would fit for the paper that he would use for the print outs. I just need to finalize the entourage and the thoughts so we could start the sample, not to mention I still need to buy a tracing and the parchment for that.

So for now folks I need to get some rest because we need to wake up early in the morning tomorrow for school.

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