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Mommy Moments : First Steps

mommy moments

Just yesterday, when I took a short nap before going to the mall, I was able to open my video gallery of my phone. And there she was my little love bug Faith’s first step, so instead of a picture I would post a video of her on that day she was able to walk in 10 months as that.

Good thing, that I was able to scan a picture of Mj during one of her first steps, indeed the time flies very fast as what I mentioned to my other blog, sooner or later Mj would become a teenager while Faith would be going to school at all. And when Terry goes to work, I may be left alone at home waiting for my family to arrive.

How I wish to include my niece Mariel of the family I am portraying right now, when we migrate to US but sigh, her Mom won’t allow me to adopt her, well who knows maybe someday we could still be together in one roof. Anyway, enough for this ranting let me share to you instead the video and the picture that I mentioned above.

Mj at the beach

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