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Lazy Butt

It is already 9:12 a.m. here in our place but I am still lying down in bed while writing this post, I supposed to get up already since Faith was already awake but I don’t seem to have enough energy to get up, for two consecutive nights I slept like past 2:00 a.m. at all. Why? Because I am so hooked up of watching movies in You Tube, I already finished the Labor Pains of Lindsay Lohan now since the link that Terry gave me for the My Past Girlfriends Ghosts or My Girlfriend’s Past Ghost? Or whatever was so dragging and so slow last night, so I ended up searching what movies to watch in You Tube again.

And look what I’ve found? It is the Hanah Montana, alright, alright! I know it is a teenager movie thing but the movie is so much fun and that you can’t even resist not watching it. In the contrary I was not able to finish it last night because I was just too tired, you see I just have my cabinet repair and I was too busy buying some materials and stuff for it so they could finish right away. Now I am downloading the Hanah Montana again, I hope to finish this movie this morning

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