I Lost It

I have this heart jewelry necklace before that I bought from a friend and now I think I lost it. That is one of those things that I treasured a lot because that was the very first jewelry I have when I saw Terry the first time. I already tried to look for it in the cabinet but I still could not find it, I think I have misplaced it somewhere.

And I doubt that our helper before took it even though she used it without our permission because my sister caught her off guard when she wear it. She gave it back to us, and I already wore it several times after that. I hope I could find it because I really like the heart shape of the pendant, it is simple but elegant, and I need to buy a necklace for that soon.

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2 Responses to “I Lost It”

  1. ♥Willa♥ says:

    sayang naman,sana makita mo pa at hindi tuluyan nawala.
    Mommy Anne, if you are not very busy, I have a Book Tag for you.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. anne says:

    Hi willa thanks for the book tag I would love to grab right after the mommy moments, sorry ha medyo late kasi I was really too busy this past few days

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