Happy Birthday Buntis!

It is the natal day of my dearest best buddy Claire of My Rendezvous, I supposed to go there at their house tonight, but due to lack of sleeps and ran out of funds plus I need to keep track of Mj studies since they already went back to class on Monday from the H1N1 scare that happens last week, I was not able to go.

Anyway, Cla I know you understand how I worked so hard so Mj can cope up with her studies, I hope this greeting would make you happy somehow, I know this is not much and I know that I may not say this very often but I cared and treasured our friendship so much for 11 years and it is still kicking and I bet it will be until the end of time. Happy Birthday Claire and you may have many more birthdays and bountiful blessings to come.

Oist, sinli tawon ko sa cake hehehe anha ko ugma bantay lang ka…. LOL

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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Buntis!”

  1. TommyClaire says:

    nagyaya lang ka day!heheheh! salamt bitaw sa greetings. makahlak man sad ta popcorn ani! gi blog gyud!heheheh! sige girl naa pa ko cake diri. pero goldilocks man. heheheh!

  2. anne says:

    Hahahha kalami atong cake na akong natilawan sa inyo oi