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Thank You For Bringing Us Back Our Freedom

I just watched the Journey of Ninoy in TV and I was so touch and admired by his story, who would not be? I guess all of you knew what happened to him right? Why did he choose that way when there is another easiest way out?

My father admired his determination of fighting just to have our democracy back but he can’t showed and tell it to the whole world because he is afraid that someone might know and our life must be in danger, he used to tell us, yet I was just I guess 7 years old at that time, that if someone asked us who would he vote, we will say we don’t know. We have to whisper when we talked about government and military.

I was just so young to know what life has been during that time, we are blessed because my father was with us and even he wanted to join the rally but he chooses to stay because of us. And I guess, your parents had choose to be quiet so that your family as well, will not be in danger unlike some of those people who tried their best to tell the whole world that what Filipino needs at that time is freedom and democracy just like Ninoy, although he had been imprisoned for 7 years and 7 months he never lose hope that someday the Filipino will achieves its freedom, a freedom that we deserve. Yes, he almost gave up as every father, he wanted to be with his family and laugh with them, embrace his kids and all that. But prayers and inspirations lead him to sacrifice more; I was just too young to know about that, too young to understand why he has to offer his life in exchange of freedom.

Right after I watched that episode, I bowed my head and whispered a little prayer, saying my thanks to the LORD, because he has sent us someone who would serve as an instrument to help us to open our eyes and had fight a peaceful battle, thank you to all the people who endeavor their best so that we will be freed from a law that has never been right for us.

I know that we are still struggling until now, some Filipino’s are still dreaming of a good life, some are still hungry. But now at least we are free to talk and to say what is it in our heart and in our mind, life is a matter of choices, it is still up to us what path should we walked into, with GOD is our strength I know we could defeat whatever storms will come our way.

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Strike With Allergies

Right after we went to watch a movie, we went to the powder room that is when Mariel dropped my pressed powder onto the floor. It was all smashed and damaged that I need to buy a replacement to the nearest boutique inside the mall; I found one pressed powder that is much cheaper than of what I have before so I bought it and a concealer.

Three days after I applied that on my face, I feel some small red spots in my face and it was so itchy. It was then I realized I might have an allergy with the concealer and that pressed powder I bought, the spots went on until I took anti-histamine, a medicine for allergy, the small spots started to fade and I hope it will gone perfectly without any trace.

I gave the pressed powder to my sister and I order the powder that I used to have before from my sister Irenie, I guess I have to stick with that. Even that is expensive than the one I bought, if that’s the only way not to have this itchy small spots.

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Two Year Old Girl Sold Out

When I heard about this from my sister about a two year old girl being sold out by her mother to an Indian who is known as Bombay or Turko in our place, I couldn’t help but to worry about the girl’s situation. The Mom as what my sister told me had no choice because she cannot feed her two kids anymore, and to her frustrations she was reported to 163 an agency here for child’s abuse, because she beat her eldest who is only 5 years old. Thus, that is not a valid reason to hurt her kids or to sell the other one to a stranger, what she did could traumatize the baby, because a two year old kid could identify already who her mother is, didn’t she love her baby? Does she know that the stranger could also sell the kid to another stranger and used her to a certain illegal business?

I just hope that the stranger had a warmth lovely heart and will not sell the kid, thus he would keep the kid and will treat her as his own. God may bless the kid and will shield and protect her from any harm.

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How Could Someone You Love Say Goodbye?

It is either in death, betrayal and or because the love just fades away, someone had to say goodbye. Yes it hurts but someone had to face the reality that sometimes all the things that we used to have won’t last forever.

But what I don’t understand is that, why would the two lovers decided to get married then after how many months, will end just like they’re blowing bubbles in the end. Then after like few weeks, you will see the other one already had someone with. Why had to be fall in love then later decide to be apart? Why would promised everything in this world, while the one you love cannot even make it., But which one is worst a relationship that ended, with betrayal or ended with death? He is dying and you could not take him back, he is no longer there and that will be forever.

Hence, when love still blossomed, when the one you love is still there with you, don’t let time loose you, say it while he can still hear you saying, that you love him or her so much.

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