4 Died On The Spot And 3 Followed

It was on Wednesday during the Non working holiday and the street and highways were supposedly quiet not until when a jeepney bumped to a 10 wheeler truck nears our place. 4 died on the spot including a pregnant woman. It was too horrible for the family knowing that it is the driver’s fault, he has been recklessly overtaking vehicles and trucks and unfortunately he was not able to foreseen the truck on the, left side going downtown, and right there and then the jeepney’s hood flipped up.

I myself was able to experienced drivers who really driving so fast, that you would almost fly high as they drove on the road. The accident on Thursday would be a lesson to all of the drivers out there, who doesn’t care the lives of their passengers.

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  1. Imelda says:

    sorry to hear this. i hate reckless drivers too. they dnt cae for other peoples lives.

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