So Sweet

Faith woke up in the middle of the night and as I was trying to let her fall asleep, Mj went inside our bedroom and later help me sang a song for Faith. Faith still did not fall asleep, instead she extends her arms to her Ate Mj to let Mj know that she wanted to be carried by her, maybe she knows I was already tired carrying her and swing her around a bit in my arms. Ate Mj got up from bed and carried Faith in her arms, you see Mj is a thin girl and I bet Faith is a bit heavy for her anymore, but she did not mind it, she still carries her and sang for her.

I felt asleep for a bit in our bed and when I was able to open my eyes again, my little girl still clung on Ate Mj with her head on Mj’s shoulder. I got up all at once and took Faith from her, it was then my little baby said “Mama” And Mj went to bed to sleep for the school tomorrow. I am just a lucky Mom here to have these little kids around; Mj is so sweet to her little sister and so as Faith to her, they really get along so well, no jealousy or anything like that between them.

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