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Maruja Has Ended

My favorite horror series every Saturday has ended, Christy finally saw Gabriel and reunited with him as Maruja, Ross as the Romualdo from the past, aim a gun to Gabriel but Christy was the one who got shoot, Michael hurriedly went to Ross and tried to grab the gun from him, each one wanted to snaffle the gun then they heard a gun shot, Michael saw Ross slowly laid down in the ground unconscious, he shoot himself unknowingly during commotion.

Ross died and Christy was saved, Christy visited Gabriel most of the time when she is free and takes good care of him, Gabriel died later, Michael as the persistent suitor to Christy, he won her heart at last after Gabriel died. Though it was not cleared up if Christy’s third eye went back, this horror series is a successful one.

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Thinking To Buy A House In An Exclusive Subdivision

When I sent Terry a link for a new subdivision that will be put up near at my eldest sister’s house, he sent me back a link for a very exclusive subdivision nears a mall, he even told me about the price of that house he like, and yes it was huge but it is so expensive as well. Although we are not sure yet if we buy it since we are taking it very slowly, we would start the plan after the wedding and we will see if from there if we would like to settle here or in the US since he said that the new government had set policy that might affects their health insurance and taxes.

On the other hand, if we ever buy the house that he likes here, I am planning to buy the best commercial furniture in town for our veranda or patio, so if we want to smell fresh air outside or the kids want to hang around in our front yard, we could just sit there in the patio while looking at them playing. In the contrary, it is either here or there, as long as were together and as long as our patio would be set up at that, I don’t care at all, what matter is that we are happy and we would never say goodbye in the airport anymore.

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