Wide Awake

It is past 3:00 a.m. but I am still wide awake, can’t sleep aside from the loud movie they were watching I got so many things in my mind, honestly I want to disappear like a bubbles me and the kid perhaps, I want to go in, a place that no one and nobody would know us.

It is past 3:00 a.m. and I am tired of thinking, I wonder what tomorrow could bring I wish I know what will happen next. My kids and my husband is the source of my strength, they are my happiness but why some people seem not happy what we had become. One little wrong move and all of the good things you’ve done were not good enough, I hope to just vanish, I hope to disappear and that I would bring my kids to a place that is peaceful and away from chaos and harm. Maybe, to be in a strange place would be the best for my family and me, a far away place that no one would know, so distant and quiet. They won’t hear me and I won’t hear them, I’ll keep my kids and have a life of our own.

When would it be? I do not know, only he knows and I believe that wherever he would let us stay whatever place that would be I am safe, we are safe because we have the man who will always be there for us.

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