I Said I Do

Before my wedding, I really tried hard to lose weight; I tried all the pills that a pharmacy can offer. But all those they offer did not work for me and you know what keeps me fit and slim during my wedding? Well, it was only because I was stressed and exhausted that keeps me away from the food that was all mouth watering. And guess what? I didn’t even take any meal during my wedding, I even made a joke if I would survive while marching in the aisle, I might collapsed in the middle not to mention that the church we choose had a very long aisle to march. Well, I made it though and was able to say I do.

Here’s a good advice, if you want to lose weight, don’t just grab any weight loss product recommended by anyone, you should try to search the strongest and the best product so you will not be wasting your money just like what I did. Mind you, I still have packs of diet pills in my bag that I did not take, as it never works for me. The wedding is done and I said I do, I am still striving so hard to lose my weight, I know I can make it; I just have to buy a diet pills, that is recommended by the expert.

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