So Worried

So it is true that when the man you loved would become your husband, you would worry more today if he is sick than before, I mean when he was sick he could still stay in the computer and talk to me online and if he want to go to bed, he would asked me if it’s okay but last night it was different, he said he would be right back but he did not, I stayed for few hours but he did not went back online. It was so unusual, I became so worried when he did not reply my message until morning my time. I called him through my phone but he did not answered, I message him again in YM he did not reply not until after like 15 minutes.

I was relieved; thank GOD that there is nothing wrong with him, thank GOD that my worries since last night is not true. He did not went to his doctor since his fever is already gone, maybe tomorrow he will be better, and we could talk online for long.

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