Who Loves Holidays?

Well, most of us maybe loves holidays, it is not only because we would receive our 13th month pay, bonuses and the like but most probably it is because during that time we could received the most holiday gifts we dreamed of, perhaps jewelries or purse, bags and all that stuff. I had a lot in mind what would I want this holiday season from honey but on the second thought I already had everything and I could ask for nothing more at all. I have the love of my life and the kids; I got the very special gift on September 19th so I think I already had enough.

The only thing that I am looking forward to now is first when Mj would officially can use our name and second is when we are together in a far away place, far away from here, the place where we could start a new life with the kids. I might miss all the things that I would leave here but I think I need a break and to start a new life with my family is my first priority now.

Holiday season is fast approaching, it would be nice to spend it with your husband and kids but with this season I think I might only spend it with the kids same as what I did before, but I am sure it will happen very soon.

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