Under The Bridge

I was so stunned and shock to see this video in the TV this afternoon, it was aired in a noontime show here in the Philippines, the video was taken during the Ondoy storm in Manila, it is a family in the roof being flashed away by the flood to the river. The people in the bridge saw them asking for help, some people immediately got a rope but the family was passed through under the bridge and there, the roof that the family ride into was being vacuum under water, the roof was damaged and the family was separated to one another.

There was only one survivor and that was the father, his two kids and his wife is still missing until now, but his cousins and his, I think mother was dead. This is the biggest tragedy that the Philippines had ever experienced, the biggest flood ever. It is the time to share what we had, by tomorrow me and my sister will gather some old clothes to send it to the ABS CBN here in our place, I hope it would help those people who are still in evacuation center.

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2 Responses to “Under The Bridge”

  1. Joy-Anne says:

    i saw it on tv too. it's really a horrifying scene. i hope the man's family survived.

  2. anne says:

    Yup, until now his wife and kids are still missing

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