So Many Things To Do

I got so many things to do here, but I don’t have that much time, I need to choose eight songs for my wedding video, I need to submit that together with the pictures I selected for loose prints, I have to go to church where we had our wedding to check if our marriage contract is already there from the LCR, I have to go to Cheryl and see her, I want to do this and that, but I have lesser time.

I don’t know where I would begin, not to mention that I am still so sleepy because I slept so late last night. It has been how many nights now that I just could not sleep, ever since Luzon is under a state of calamity, because of a huge flood plus the super typhoon Peping just hit them recently. They were talking about the climate change and somehow we would experience those things here in Davao, our local government is starting now to buy rubber boats in case there would be an emergency like that, but what if another one will hit us, shaking from undergrounds perhaps, are we still ready if any of those circumstance occur?

I know I am just being pathetic and I need to get more sleep. Have a good day everyone!

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