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Since Terry is not here always with us, the special trips we often have with the kids would only be on his vacation leaves from work. The recent and the longest trips we had was when we went to Manila to get Terry’s legal capacity to marry, it was on summer April, 2009.

We stayed in Best Western Hotel in Manila and the moment we arrived there we visited immediately the Ocean Park and the Mall of Asia, here are some of our pictures.

In ocean park

Mj with Pawikan

My two little world of fun

So excited and so gaily at MOA

How I wish Terry would always be here so we can have a family bonding like this, came September 2009 when he went here again but it was different though because we were so busy with our wedding so we don’t have that family bonding at all in places, but on second thought family bonding would not always mean going to different places, because with our little love bugs laugh in the living room perhaps, or going to the mall with Dad that means a lot more.

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12 Responses to “Mommy Moments – Special Trips”

  1. Meikah says:

    Yes, anywhere is special as long as you're with your loved ones. 🙂

    My MM entry is here.

  2. ♥Willa♥ says:

    Our trip to Ocean Park last year of 2008 was also one of our special trips especially with Kendrick, but not too much with Patrick because he compare the place with NC Aquarium where we went a few years back. 🙂

    *Hindi naman sis mahirap,I assume NWA kayo, accomodating naman sila, saka pag may kasama kang bata, lagi kang priority, hindi ka na papapilahin, actually kahit sa Phil Immig sa NAIA mabait sila, basta bring something lang to keep them busy, gawin mo na lang, pag stop over sa Japan, let them play sa play area para pagod sila,so they can sleep the rest of the trip, and if possible kuha ka ng ticket na gabi ang flight para tamang tama sa sleeping time,I'm telling you,your travel will gonna be a walk in the park.
    Good Luck sis.I'm happy for you. I don't know what you've been thru in the past but I do know that you deserved all the great things that you have now. You're a goodhearted person. 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    thanks for sharing.. happy mommy moments!

  4. chubskulit says:

    Ang cute naman ng magsissy…. malapit na ba kayo pumunta sa States?

    Nostalgic Marveling
    Etcetera Etcetera
    Spice up your LIFE!
    Obstacles & Glories

  5. anne says:

    Hi Meikah hehehe tama ka basta kasama lang si daddy

  6. anne says:

    Thanks for the tip willa, I would always remember that, although medyo matagal pa kaming makapag transfer we weigh things pa kasi if we have to migraite to other country or we would go in the states.

  7. anne says:

    your always welcome Chris

  8. anne says:

    Hi Rose medyo matagal kasi the next big thing to do is the adoption of my eldest daughter…

  9. Mom of Four says:

    You're right, bonding with your kids doesn't mean going out to the mall or park. It can be done inside your bedroom with cuddling and laughter.. Great photos..

  10. anne says:

    yup as long as you are with your love ones everything is all set di ba mommy liz..

  11. Cecile says:

    never been to ocean park, but would love to be there someday; i agree all places are special as long as with your family and loved ones!

  12. anne says:

    Hi cecile thanks for the comment, We just went there in manila to get some documents for hobby and we just dropped by there.

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