Captured for Eighteen Years

I first glanced at the picture of Jaycee Dugard in a blog site where there were pictures of kids who were missing, I once posted it here in My Little Home the slide show of those kids whose until now was never found, but I deleted it when I bought the new lay out, my sister even exclaimed when she saw the picture of Jaycee in the website with the year when she was kidnapped that she must be old already right now.
Last August 26th of this year, she was found when her capture was invited by his parole officer for investigation regarding giving fliers with two kids around him as he should not be allowed to get near with the kids because of a rape case. Later in the day Garrido and his wife together with the two kids and Jaycee went to the office and told the parole officer that he is building a family of his own, but when Jaycee was separated from them for investigation, she was able to tell them that she was the girl who was kidnapped 18 years ago and Garrido raped her and fathered her two girls, the rest of the story here.

Jaycee’s picture was revealed after two months of hiding away from the public ever since when she was found; she is back to her family right now and is under medication. Just click here for the rest of the story.

Jaycee Dugard first Photo was 11 years ago,
on the right side is her photo after she was found
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