It Must Be Aside For Now

I am wishing to own a car and to drive with it, but I think I need to enroll myself first for driving lessons so I won’t be needing a driver to send me somewhere, once I am finish with the course, I will look for a fine car, not the expensive but the cheapest one, I would also look for some car accessories so my baby car would look good even if it is affordable, anyway it is not how expensive your car that matter, it is how durable it is and as soon as it can send you to your destination, that’s no problem at all.

If I would have my own car, I’ll be the one sending and fetching Mj to school and if we wanted to just stroll around downtown, I can just grabbed the car then go, I don’t have to wait for a public vehicle to send me to the place I want to go. But this time I must say I have to fit myself for tricycles and Jeepney’s since there are things that we need to settle first when hubby would go back here next year, we have to settle a place for us to live and be together as a family. So buying a car must be set aside for now.

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