Congratulations To Mr, and Mrs Tekofsky

The very reason why I was not able to update my three blogs yesterday, because I was so busy with Mj’s Intramurals at school, I have to be there to support their cheer dance and as usual the photographer of the day. ( I will share the pictures later) Anyway, right after their cheerdance performance I took a short nap at home since I didn’t get enough sleep that night before the day, my sister just woke me up, when its time to go to our neighbor’s wedding

Yes, we were invited at Tekofsky wedding, their ceremony was held in Redemptorist Church and their reception was at Jacksridge Restaurant Resort. The guy had his parents with him, some friends, brothers and sisters, they were complete to the fact they live in a far away place. I remember his father said that even money is at stake to be in the Philippines but nothing is important than to witnessed their son’s wedding.

To Mr. and Mrs. Tekofsky, thank you for inviting me to witness your glamorous and so heavenly wedding, it is my pleasure to see you both in love and happy with each other, and congratulations to you upcoming baby, I would be very excited to see your baby soon.

Me at the reception

Cab going to the church

At the reception again

With the bride and the groom

With one of their guest

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2 Responses to “Congratulations To Mr, and Mrs Tekofsky”

  1. Mom of Four says:

    Talaga lang ha, kasama parents, saka family? special siguro ang wedding. Oy, bakit naman napakabata ng itsura mo sa loob ng kotse, or si MJ yang naka sunglasses..

  2. anne says:

    Ako yan liz lol para lang si mj hehehe…

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