A Simple Card

My two kids are beside me sleeping, they were both so tired with our small outing today we went to the pool for the extension of my birthday celebration. My relatives and some of my friends were there, good thing I was able to bring my mini laptop and my sister had a USB Globe Tattoo so my cousins were able to harvest their farm town and were able to serve the food that was almost overcooked in their cafe world in Facebook, no they were not addicted, they were already officially certified addicts hehehe.

Anyway, I thank GOD for all the blessings he bestowed on me, that even I’d been through a lot before, he never left me alone and after long years of waiting for the right man, he gave me not only the perfect man but an angel whose love and sincerity are genuine. I always thank GOD for giving me a husband who is always there for me; he is the best gift that GOD had given me. I could ask for nothing more, though there is one thing I always wish for and that is to be with him someday.

A simple online card but the best card I ever received:

Mary Anne

Happy birthday dearest Wife
You are the light of my life
You are the one of my dreams
Even if you eat all the ice cream
I love you my darling
My wife

Mary Anne

You are so special to me
and to the kids that makes three
When I hold your hand
I know you understand
The love I have inside
and with you all my life I will abide


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