She Doesn’t Like To Eat

I woke up so early with my little baby telling me that she pooped. She always had LBM nowadays and she doesn’t like to eat much food, she always wants her milk. And if we insist her to eat she would throw up all the food that she intake.

We already tried everything, it is either I or sisters would feed her but after a while she will run away and don’t want to eat the food. She also become irritable of something, she always pointed out her gum and said “Yayay” meaning it hurts.

And this morning when I asked what she wants when she keeps on dragging me to the bedroom from the computer area, she answered rapidly “Daddy” waaaaaaaaaaahhh it is really sometimes for us to be far away from him. So since she was persistent for us to go back in the bedroom, I just told hubby that I’ll be right back, I will just follow what the little baby wants.

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