Those Minor Things

When I went to my friend’s house this afternoon to help her to install her Vonage, Terry message me then in my phone that he is already online at least before their meeting and before he would go back to Maryland. He expected me that I was home already since I told him before we went to church that we would get home early in the afternoon for Mj have to attend her Tutor at 4:00 p.m.

Then I told him that once I would arrive at my friend’s house, I would try to use her internet so I could chat with him. He replied back that he would call me then if I won’t be able to use the Internet.

When I arrive at my friend’s house, we already started to try to hook up the connection to the phone, as well as videoke and chitchatting then the electricity suddenly went out plus it rains so hard. Unfortunately, when I checked my phone to see if he called, my phone was out of battery as well.

But you know what, maybe I am just lucky to have my husband because he never pissed off even sometimes I cannot keep my promise just like what happen earlier, or was not able to answer my phone when he called because I did not hear it, or I was out of battery. I know those were only minor things, that is understandable but being miles away those minor things are important so to keep the love alive. Communication is the only tool so you were able to reach out to each other and will not create loopholes in the relationship.

On the other hand, I am happy though that my friend’s Vonage is already set up and ready to use, even I just assisted with it and just hook and hook all the necessary and the unnecessary cable, hahahaha only to find out it did not work because we did not refresh the status of the connection. Grrrr!

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6 Responses to “Those Minor Things”

  1. Nessa says:

    Hi Anne! 🙂

    Thank you for buying an ad at Mumblings. Much appreciated.

    Yes, I agree. Sometimes it's the little things that matter 🙂

  2. tommyclaire says:

    Salamat BFF! heheh basta mo kanta lagi ka bah! ulanon jud ug taman! may gani way kilat ug dalugdug kay kung naa pa sus! bow na jud ko nimo!ahahahah!

  3. anne says:

    Hi Nessa thanks for dropping by…

  4. anne says:

    hi BFF lol sus kulbaan na gani ko ato wahh

  5. Mom of Four says:

    Lucky you at understanding si Terry, si Rodney, naku eh kapag may promise akong di natupad, namumula na ang ilong sa galit., Grrr!

  6. anne says:

    hehehehe oo nga eh, kaya lang we also had mismatches kung gaano ako ka aggresive when it comes to decision making siya planado lahat as in lahat hehehe