What Happened to Friendster?

I’d been uploading my pictures in Friendster but the only thing I got are errors since last night, and yet until now I am still uploading the other pictures one by one. I just stopped for a while because I have to help cleaning the house, and later I have to lie beside Faith in bed hoping she would sleep but it did not work instead I was the one who fell asleep while she keeps playing on my side. Mj went inside the bedroom to take a nap so I have to carry Faith to persist her to sleep yet she still so active and so I gave up. We went out in the living room after a while before she will disturb her sister on her nap.

I took a bath when she was busy watching and right after I took a bath and washed some dishes left in the kitchen, I handed her, her feeding bottle and all the while she finished it all then suddenly she lay down her head on my shoulder and went to sleep exactly at 4:00 p.m. and yet until now the friendster still acting up and did not upload the photos I wanted to put there., I wonder when it would allow me to load all the pictures since it has been like this for how many hours, uhmmm what do you think?

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