How I wish to shop today

The malls are on sale today and they are open until 12:00 a.m., I wanted to look around and shop though but our budget was so tight since we just got sick, oh how I wish to buy a personalized lip balm since my lips get easily cracked after I got sick but oh well I guess that could wait. What matters up to this day is that I and Faith’s anti biotic and medicines are complete, we just have to intake it at the right time so this virus will never go back.,
I hope tomorrow when we have some time. I might want to look around the mall. I just hope they are still on sale. There are many things I want to buy for the house other than a lip balm, like a fabric clothe for our couch, some pillows and new curtains. How I wish to buy those things in an instant, without minding the budget at all but I guess being at the budget department it is just so hard to spend money right away without thinking the extra expenses you may incur the next few days.
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